Announcing an online symposium ‘Advancing Terrestrial Health’

The Foundation has long believed that aerospace medicine may accelerate our understanding of electromagnetic effects in biology and how these might be able to improve our ability to practise medicine. Indeed the 2022 Autumn Series concluded with a thought-provoking presentation by Dr Afshin Beheshti, KBR at NASA Ames Research Center, who discussed the implications that space exploration has for human health. Dr Beheshti outlined the wealth of data that attests to the effects of conditions such as microgravity on mitochondrial function.

The Foundation is organising a symposium that addresses how advances in space exploration might also advance medicine on Earth. The focus of this symposium will be on how living organisms have evolved in the specific physical environment of the Earth – its electric, magnetic and gravitational fields – and how changes to this environment will influence biological systems.

Advancing Terrestrial Health: Lessons from Space
Wednesday 1 February 2023, 15:00hrs – 19:00hrs UK-time on Zoom

Speakers: Professor Alistair Nunn, Dr Afshin Beheshti, Dr Michal Cifra, Professor Michael Levin, Betony Adams, Professor Wendy Beane, Steve Thorne and Dr Aenor Sawyer

The full programme is available on our website:

Feel free to promote the symposium to your networks. Anyone not already registered with us is asked to contact Nina Copping, Programme Director by email to register for this event: