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Quantum biology books, reports and articles

For a good introduction to the origins of quantum biology see the excellent review by Johnjoe McFadden and Jim Al-Khalili (2018), which is freely available here and the short review published in The Scientist (2019) ‘Quantum biology may help to solve some of life’s greatest mysteries’ (link).

Jim Al-Khalili presents an overview of quantum biology in his talk available here and gives another interesting talk (Quantum) Life? at The Royal Society here.

For more in-depth reading, ‘Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology’ (Al-Khalili and McFadden 2014) book is available here: (link)

The following report by the European Science Foundation (2015) ‘A Foresight Activity on Research in Quantum Biology (FarQBio) (link) is suitable for a non-physicist readership. Also the article ‘Vibrations, quanta and biology’ by Huelga SF and Plenio MB (2013) (link) .

For introductory but highly informative books on quantum physics, we recommend ‘Quantum Mechanics’ (A Ladybird Expert Book) by Jim Al-Khalili , (link) ‘How to teach quantum physics to your dog’ by Chad Orzel (link) and ‘30-second quantum theory’, edited by Brian Clegg (Ball et al. 2014) (link).

The free text book: “Motion mountain – adventures in physics, volume IV, the quantum of change”, by Christoph Schiller is a good in-depth reference on quantum mechanics.

For further reading, see the publications below, or visit the bibliography of papers referred to throughout the website.

Proceedings of The Guy Foundation meetings

2021 Autumn Series Proceedings – December 2021Seeing the Light: Electromagnetism in the body and its practical application

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2021 Spring Series Proceedings – June 2021
From Big Questions to Small Details: The Macro-Microscopic Divide

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2020 Autumn Series Proceedings? – January 2021
Does biology utilise the environment to amplify quantum effects?

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2019 Autumn Colloquium Proceedings – June 2020
What biophotonics can tell us about the bioquantome

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Publications by The Guy Foundation scientific team

Nunn, A.V.W.; Guy, G.W.; Bell, J.D. Thermodynamics and Inflammation; Insights into Quantum Biology and Ageing. Quantum Rep. 2022, 4, 47–74. (link

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Mould RR, Botchway SW, Parkinson JRC, Thomas EL, Guy GW, Bell JD and Nunn AVW (2021) Cannabidiol Modulates Mitochondrial Redox and Dynamics in MCF7 Cancer Cells: A Study Using Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy of NAD(P)H. Front. Mol. Biosci. 8:630107 (2021). (link)

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