The Guy Foundation Collaborative Programme

With an emphasis on building a research community to investigate quantum effects in biology, The Guy Foundation is at heart a research foundation, operating in a spirit of collaboration rather than straightforward grant funding. It does so to advance the course of useful knowledge towards the mainstream, bringing it to the attention of more conventional funders and moreover, to those who can apply the findings.

The Guy Foundation’s scientists are actively engaged in cutting edge thinking and science through theoretical development and involvement in research. With experience encompassing basic research through to the development of therapeutics and published work on bioenergetics, the Foundation is well placed to support research in the field.

The Foundation curates its funded research programme by setting out its research interests and working closely with invited scientists to shape research projects. Projects align with the Foundation’s priorities and integrate with the existing programme, thus minimising duplication and harnessing expertise and resources across the programme. 

We work with leading scientific groups who are already active in the field of quantum biology, as well as quantum physicists who want to utilise their skills in the study of biology and biologists who would like to work with physicists.

Projects may take the form of bench research, but may also include the development of new hypotheses, in silico modelling of these ideas, or developing new technology.

The research we fund:

  • Is closely aligned to our strategic aims and research priorities
  • Has potential impact in generating new knowledge and understanding, sparking interest and changing perceptions
  • Is undertaken by research teams that have talent, expertise and a track record
  • Fits into the integrated programme, and is undertaken by researchers willing to work in collaborative partnership with the Foundation
  • Probably wouldn’t be funded elsewhere

Being part of the collaborative programme means working closely with Guy Foundation scientists to shape and hone the proposed research project. It means undertaking research with other groups as needed to utilise existing equipment and share expertise and knowledge. It means working openly and constructively as part of the collaborative team, for example by attending online research collaboration meetings and scientific symposia organised by the Foundation. It means working with Guy Foundation scientists on publishing and disseminating findings resulting from research projects and in determining the wider implications of the work and next steps.

If you are interested in working with us, please read the information on our website about the Foundation and our team. Feel free to contact us to tell us about your work and field of interest. 

Although the research we fund is by invitation, we recognise that we should not define and restrict to the detriment of missing an important research area. With this in mind, we may from time to time run an open application round for scientists wishing to apply for funding.