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2024 Spring Series Proceedings
June 2024Ageing
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2023 Cancer Meeting Proceedings
January 2024Quantum Biology and Cancer
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2023 Autumn Series Proceedings
December 2023Quantum Biology and Space Health
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2023 Spring Series Proceedings
September 2023The Guy Foundation research programme: presentation of initial findings
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Online Symposium proceedings

2023 Space Symposium Proceedings
February 2023Advancing terrestrial health: lessons from space
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2022 Autumn Series Proceedings
December 2022Quantum mitochondria: energy, information and implications for health and disease
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2022 Spring Series Proceedings
June 2022From quantum bench to bedside: Realising the potential of quantum biology in medicine
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Autumn 2021 Proceedings

2021 Autumn Series Proceedings
December 2021Seeing the Light: Electromagnetism in the body and its practical application
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Spring 2021 Proceedings

2021 Spring Series Proceedings
June 2021
From Big Questions to Small Details: The Macro-Microscopic Divide
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2020 Autumn Proceedings

2020 Autumn Series Proceedings
January 2021
Does biology utilise the environment to amplify quantum effects?
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2019 Autumn Colloquium Proceedings
June 2020
What biophotonics can tell us about the bioquantome
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Publications by The Guy Foundation scientific team

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