Apply for Funding

The Guy Foundation has the following funding available for research projects in the field of quantum biology and bioenergetics.

Project grants

Project grants are available for novel and ambitious research in the field of quantum biology and bioenergetics that has the potential to significantly advance our understanding of human biology, health and disease.

Applicants should request a duration and funding amount that is justifiable for the proposed activities.

As a guide:
  Duration: 1-3 years
 • Award value: there are no set lower or upper limits, however the Foundation will not normally award grants of over £400,000 (US$520,000).


Our grants are available to leading scientists in the UK and abroad who have the support of their host institutions. Host institutions should be a university or other similar academic or non-profit research entity with a track record in delivering research.

Lead applicants should be established researchers in any scientific discipline that can be applied to the investigation of quantum biology, including chemical and molecular sciences, physics, biology, mathematics and computational science.

Co-applicants and collaborators may be based at institutions within and outside the UK and supporting roles from commercial organisations may be included.

Funded organisations must accept our Grant Terms and Conditions (available to download in the section below).

Grant terms and conditions

Grantholders and host institutions will need to sign up to the Foundation’s Grant Terms and Conditions – download here.

The Principal Investigator (PI) should be a full-time employee of a research institution (or equivalent) and be actively involved in research. In addition, their current employment contract must extend beyond the period of the grant.

We would usually expect that up to around 10% of the PI’s time is included within the project budget. If a higher proportion of PI time is included the applicant should explain this in detail.

Information for applicants

Applications for project grants are considered periodically. The next closing date for submission of outline applications is 25 January 2021.

The two-stage application process is as follows:
 1. Outline application: no longer than 3-A4 pages consisting of: title; PI and co-applicant/collaborator details; overall cost and duration; and summary of proposed research (no more than 800 words). The outline application form is available on request.
 2. Full application (by invitation only, if the outline application is approved by the research committee).

Prior to applying we recommend reading the information we have prepared on research areas in development and future prospects , and details of research grants that we have previously awarded.

What we do and don’t fund

Project grants may include the following types of expenditure: 
  Staffing, for instance principal investigator, co-investigator(s), collaborator(s), postdoctoral researcher(s), technician(s)
  Equipment – must be specified in the application as part of the overall cost of the project and be directly used for the research project. Costs for maintenance, service and insurance etc must be covered by the host institution (see Grant Terms and Conditions section 5.4)
  Other direct costs, such as publications, conference fees and travel

All costs included in the full applications should be described fully and their role in the undertaking of the project justified.

The Foundation does not usually fund the following as part of its Project Grants funding stream:
  Indirect costs – see our Grant Terms and Conditions
  Overheads – see our Grant Terms and Conditions
  Salary recovery costs for staff funded full-time by the employing organisation
  PhD students
  Fees for academic courses such as PhDs and other tuition fees
  Equipment that is not going to be used primarily for the project during the lifetime of the grant or related costs such as maintenance and insurance – see our Grant Terms and Conditions
  Costs for capital build or refurbishment

How to apply

1. Check you meet the eligibility criteria (set out above)
2. Check the information on what we do and do not fund (set out above)
3. Read the Grant Terms and Conditions (set out above)
4. Send an email with your full contact details to and request an outline application form

The next closing date for submission of outline applications is 25 January 2021.

Outline applications will be reviewed by the Foundation and we endeavour to notify applicants of the outcome within 10 weeks of receipt of submission.

Full applications are peer reviewed by experts in the field. The final decision is made by the charity’s Board of Trustees. We aim to respond to applicants with a decision, or feedback and invitation to resubmit, within 16 weeks of receipt of the full application.