The Guy Foundation donates US$10,000 to inaugural Gordon Research Conference on Quantum Biology

The Guy Foundation is delighted to announce it has contributed US$10,000 to the inaugural Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Quantum Biology, to be held from the 19 – 24 March 2023, in Galveston, Texas. The conference is chaired by Dr Youngchan Kim from the Leverhulme Quantum Biology Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Surrey and Professor Clarice D. Aiello, from the QuBiT Lab, at UCLA.

The GRC is a non-profit organisation, founded in 1931, with the aim of providing an international forum for the presentation of diverse scientific research. The auspicious conferences prioritise discussion and interaction between scientists, towards the development of enduring communities that might advance the frontiers of science. The inaugural Quantum Biology GRC will concentrate on the latest developments in the field, in particular on the emerging methodologies for investigating quantum effects in biology. Quantum biology straddles a number of disciplines, including biology, chemistry and physics and so one of the main aims of the GRC will be to bring these disciplines into direct contact and foster new knowledge and collaboration. Quantum biology is an exciting science that has relevance to both fundamental scientific questions and practical application, not least the emergence of new technologies or medical therapeutics.

The Guy Foundation Founder and Chairman Professor Geoffrey Guy commented: ‘The Guy Foundation works to grow the Quantum Biology community and we are delighted to give our support to this inaugural GRC which will stimulate vital conversations and collaborations between scientists from diverse backgrounds, where considerable progress can be achieved by linking their work’.

Further information about the Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Quantum Biology is available from the conference website: