The Guy Foundation funds second research study at the UK’s Central Laser Facility

The Guy Foundation has awarded a grant of £452,857 to scientists at the UK’s Central Laser Facility (UKRI-Science and Technology Facilities Council) at Harwell, Oxfordshire for a three-year study exploring quantum biology using entangled photons, biophotons and electromagnetic fields in living systems.

The aim is to directly image cells, and potentially mitochondria, using their own biophotons and to investigate the processes that generate them. Scientists will also explore how these processes interact with electromagnetic fields and potentially, whether or not this is a quantum mechanical process.

Professor Stanley Botchway, who is leading the study, said: “The Guy Foundation’s grant gives our team and the UK a valuable opportunity to conduct this ground-breaking laboratory research. Although biophotons have long been observed using sensitive cameras, their direct observation has only been at the tissue and whole organism level. However, with the latest microscopy techniques developed here at the Central Laser Facility (Octopus group), coupled with the latest high sensitivity detectors, spectral analysers and other equipment, we can now image individual organelles in cells, such as mitochondria, using their own natural chromophores. We will start to test some of the theories around the relationship between biophoton generation and their wavelength, electromagnetic fields and free radicals in live cells.”

Professor Geoffrey Guy, Chairman of The Guy Foundation, said “I am pleased that the Foundation has awarded its second research grant to such a skilled scientific team at this leading international research facility. I have no doubt that this exploratory research will be rewarding and provide a step forward in our understanding of this new and exciting field of science.”

Further information about the study can be found on The Guy Foundation website: