About quantum biology

The field of quantum biology is relatively new, but in many aspects, it is also as old as the science of quantum physics. This is because the founders, ranging from Einstein to Schrödinger, to Pascual Jordan, postulated on the importance of it in biology, but the experimental techniques of the time were unable to look for quantum effects in biology. Hence, physicists and biologists, with chemists somewhere in the middle, went their separate ways – although many still postulated, during the intervening years, on quantum effects in biology.

Jim Al-Khalili presents an overview of quantum biology in his talk available online here: https://scivpro.com/manuscript/10_32386_scivpro_000020/

For introductory but highly informative reading on quantum physics, we recommend ‘Quantum Mechanics’ (A Ladybird Expert Book) by Jim Al-Khalili (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Quantum-Mechanics-Ladybird-Expert-Book/dp/0718186273) or ‘How to teach quantum physics to your dog’ by Chad Orzel (https://www.amazon.co.uk/How-Teach-Quantum-Physics-Your/)

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